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Exciting news! We are now taking the Top 10 basketball players-per age level to California next Spring 2018. The Top players from Colorado will Challenge the Top players from California. Get ranked!

Presented by BAC Magazine 

BAC Magazine is a “tool’ we use to market elite athletes from various sports in Colorado to respective D1 schools around the country. BAC magazine provides college exposure and recruiting opportunities to both male and female student/athletes. Our rankings list inspires players across the board to do better in their particular sport. Resulting in higher levels of competitions and standards in every youth sport. Athletics can provide an avenue for the underprivileged youth to obtain a college education. 
The camp gives every player the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities! Eventually, the top 25 players in every class every be listed below… 

Related imageThis list is not set in stone… 

8th Grade Girls

1. Reagan Beers
2. Gracie Gallegos
3. Mackenzie Jones
4. Jessica Bollwahn
5. Amaya Charles
6. Madden McHugh
7. Payton Sterk
8. Grace Baller
9. Fabiola Belibi
10. Madelyn Malcolm

9th Grade Girls

  1. Avery Vansickle T- Kindyll Wetta
  2. Samantha Jones
  3. Karissa Lukasuewics
  4. Jenna Siebert
  5. Sydney Bevington
  6. Libby Campbell
  7. Jenna McCormick
  8. Kacee Kyle
  9. Courtney Hank
  10. Courtney Wristen
  11. Abby Wrede

10th Grade Girls

1. Jana Van Gyteenbeck (Creek)
2. Jada Moore (Regis) 
3. Cindy Garcia
4. Kali March
5. Makayla Hemmingway
6. Landri Hudson
7. Josephine Howery
8. Kameryn Brown
9. Jadyn Ross
10. Carly Thompson
11. Destinee Paulk

11th Grade Girls

1. Alisha Davis
2. Autumn Watts
3. Francesca Belibi
4. Ashley Steffeck
5. Alyssa Jimenez
6. Allyah Marlett
7. Kasey Neubert
8. Sydney Speights
9. Madison Hema
10. Eliana McClarie

12th Grade Girls

  1. Leila Vigil
  2. Delaney Bryne
  3. Sydney Mech
  4. Tommi Olsen
  5.  Camilla Emsbo
  6.  Riley Snyder
  7.  Tommi Olsen
  8.  Noelle Cahill
  9.  Ashley Panem
  10.  Emma Wrede
  11.  Jaiden Galloway

It is important that all youth sports athletes attend our camps. The rankings and list will be updated periodically and sent out to 351 Division 1 college coaches across the nation.Image result for boys word png

7th Grade Boys

1. Travone McGaughy
T- Marzook Wright
2. Rick Mitchell
3. Cole Chambers
4. Luke Hanchett
5. Royce Billups
6. Deandre Samuels
7. Dom Scott
8. Trey Chamber
9. Archer VanSickle
10. Christian Billups

8th Grade Boys
1. Nahcere Taylor
2. Luke Williams
T- Jeremiah Coleman
3. Tabor Robison
4. Lamarius Royston
5. Elijah Thomas
6. Keywon Thompson
7. Mikka Lesley
8. Dylan Sanders
9. Jonatan Potts
10. Jaiden Flowers
11. Christopher Watkins
12. Christopher Brest
13. Henry Gamble
14. Shaqur Edmonds
15. Elijah Jamison
16. Joel Speckman
17. Kyelin Sanders
18. Alfonso Flores

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9th Grade Boys

1. Treyvaughn Williams Columbine– Can shoot, pass, dribble, make plays!
2.  Jalen Weaver- Smoky Hill– Amazing shooter and playmaker.
3. Jordan Whitaker HB- Smoky Hill– Straight up playmaker & scorer.
4. Kendall Johnson- GW– Athletic studs and outside ability.
T- Dennis Pigford Jr.- Rangeview– Best floor general in this class.
5. Miles Purchase- Cherry Creek– Lockdown defender and playmaker.
6. Chase Penry- Cherry Creek
7. Julian Hammonds- Cherry Creek
8. Jason Simental-
9. Boston Stanton-
10. Treshaud Jackson
11. Jameel Wright-
12. Michael Brown –

10th Grade Boys
1. Christian Speller- Rangeview HS– Absolute beast! Great all-around player!
2. Quinton Rock- Smoky Hill– Very talented guard! Arguably #1 in his class.
3. Hezekiah Swanson- Overland HS– Highly talented guard that can score the ball.
4. Cameron LeVan- Legend HS– Undersized PG that can get it done!
5. Kobe Sanders- Chaparral HS– Score first point but very skilled.
6. Dominic Nellis- Holy Family– Pure point guard. Solid floor general.
7. Christopher Speller- Rangeview HS– Sweet player! Can drive and create for others.
8. Isaac Jessup- Resurrection Christian HS– Can play! Slashes and crashes the boards.
9. Kingbed Agyemang- GW– Crazy athletic guard! 5’5 guard that can dunk the ball!
10. Liam Romero- Grandview HS– Amazing PG! Can do everything with the ball.

11th Grade Boys

1. Kwane Marble- Denver East– Can flat out fill up the bucket! Playmaker…
2. Jamil Safieddine- Regis– Elite floor General! Sees the floor and knocks down shots.
T. Kenny Foster- Smokey Hill– Super athletic and a dynamic scorer!
T. Ronnie DeGray- Chaparral HS– Great power forward with face up ability!
3. Bryce Matthews- Chaparral HS– Amazing PG, scorer, and defender! Undersized
4. Aaron Bokol- Eaglecrest– 6’4 guard with shooting and passing skills.
5. Joseph Dalton- Chaparral HS– Up tempo guard and slasher…
6. Jayden Bowles-Manual HS– the Athletic player, needs to develop skills with the ball.
7. Matt Wheelock- Regis– 6’9 Stand up big man that can step out and hit big shots.
8. Devon Walker- Grandview– a Solid point guard that plays his heart out.

12th Grade Boys 

1. Daylen Kountz- Denver East– Super exciting to watch. Explosive player!
2. Sam Masten- Highlands Ranch– Great offense player! Needs work on defense.
3. Tucson Redding- Overland– Highly recruited player.  Under the radar.
4. Kaison Hammonds- Thunderidge– Slasher and scorer. Super hard worker!
T- Jon’ll Fugett- GW– Dude has a handle and a weird shot but it works!
5.  Will Becker- Smoky Hill– Led the state in blocked shots and rebounds!
6. Tre Pierre- Widefield HS CO Springs– 6’5 forward that does it all!
7. Daijon Smith- Overland HS– Play maker and leader! Should look to score more this year.
8. John Harges- Smoky Hill– 6’6 wing player with a streaky 3 point shot.
9. Deven Nelson- Mesa Ridge, CO Springs– Solid and great decision maker!



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